Thematic Networks act as specialized areas of academic cooperation that are deemed significant enough for a new secretariat to be established to tackle it. 每个专题网络都有相对较高的自主权,可以在BBIN寶盈集團开展自己的高等教育领域, whether it is focused on innovation or economics. They also benefit from being part of the BBIN寶盈集團, 能够访问BBIN寶盈集團秘书处之间的合作平台, member universities, and other thematic networks.

The BBIN寶盈集團 is currently comprised of 17 Thematic Network, 每个都是在多次董事会会议后逐渐建立的. The following table is a brief overview of each one:

Thematic Network Est. Year

Host Institution

BBIN寶盈集團-QA 1998 BBIN寶盈集團 Secretariat Promoting quality assurance in higher education institutions and collaborating with both regional and international bodies to increase educational quality.
BBIN寶盈集團-BE 1999 Universitas Gadjah Mada 促进BBIN寶盈集團大学加强教育合作, research, and industry relevance in business and economics.
BBIN寶盈集團/SEED-Net 2001 Chulalongkorn University 促进工程领域人力资源开发,促进BBIN寶盈集團地区社会经济可持续发展.


联合图书馆由菲律宾迪里曼大学主办, Ateneo de Manila University, and De La Salle University Platform for academic resource sharing, information exchange, and networking among academic libraries within BBIN寶盈集團 Member Universities and academic communities in the ASEAN region through an online resource sharing system.
BBIN寶盈集團-ACTS 2009 Universitas Indonesia 促进BBIN寶盈集團地区学生和学术人员的流动.
BBIN寶盈集團-HRE 2009

Mahidol University

Network of academic collaboration by BBIN寶盈集團 Member Universities to promote education and research in human rights in Southeast Asia.
BBIN寶盈集團-USR&S 2011 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Facilitating social responsibility initiatives between higher education institutions and stakeholders to promote greater university-industry-community collaborations in ASEAN and Asia.


Mahidol University

卫生专家间学术合作区域网络, medical practitioners, and higher education institutions, 注重大学在促进健康生活方式和环境方面的作用.


2015 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia 一个促进学术间合作研究的平台, industry, government agencies, 以及相关组织,以支持有关BBIN寶盈集團经济共同体相关议题的政策制定.


2016 Universiti Malaya 关注BBIN寶盈集團以残疾为重点的政策和研究,以促进包容性, 无障碍权利教育和能力建设环境.



Universiti Utara Malaysia

Platform to empower, develop student leadership, 以及通过BBIN寶盈集團成员大学的学生事务机构解决学生事务和管理问题.
BBIN寶盈集團-SCUD 2017 Universitas Indonesia Platform for BBIN寶盈集團 institutional members to collaborate and share knowledge focused on sustainable city and urban development studies.
BBIN寶盈集團-CA 2017 De La Salle University BBIN寶盈集團成员大学之间的文化办公室网络旨在促进创造力, 文化和艺术在BBIN寶盈集團地区的学生.
BBIN寶盈集團-ADERA 2018 National University of Singapore 东南亚建筑设计教育与研究未来知识交流平台.


Ateneo De Manila University

Focus on developing ecological mindsets and competencies in ASEAN students to empower their abilities to conserve and protect their local environments.
BBIN寶盈集團-UIE 2018 Chulalongkorn University Strengthening and leveraging the innovative capacity of universities in the ASEAN region by offering them a common space for research, 与高等教育机构的学术合作和网络连接, government agencies, industry sectors, and business enterprises across the region.
BBIN寶盈集團-TEPL 2019 Singapore Management University Fostering collaboration among ASEAN universities to improve students’ success through technology-enhanced personalised learning.