作者:Sabina Ma, BBIN寶盈集團实习生

In 系列三:继续与奖学金获得者的对话, 联合国秘书处团队强调了BBIN寶盈集團可持续管理硕士奖学金获得者的感受. 这一次, the article demonstrates the academic perspectives of the esteemed faculty tasked to mould a new generation of ASEAN leaders in this period of rapid change.


The ASEAN Master in Sustainability Management Programme would not have become a reality without the collaborative effort from the Norwegian government after UGM submitted a proposal to establish this programme in 2018, 教授称. Dr. UGM经济与商业学院(FEB)院长Didi Achjari.

教授. Dr. 爱德华多T而且elilin, 管理硕士课程主任, visited different Norwegian universities to pitch the programme to them 而且 ask for their support. 这使得UGM更容易获得挪威政府对该项目的认可——这是BBIN寶盈集團地区首次获得此类认可.

The faculty had hoped that graduates will emerge from the programme with a sense of altruism, 赋权, 而且 environmental activism 而且 will be very well-equipped to work in both the public 而且 private sectors. 带着这些愿望, 审查委员会审查了大约300名申请者的名单,并提出了候选名单,最终只录取了22名学生.

教授称. Dr. T而且elilin, what makes this programme special is the diverse backgrounds of the professors teaching it. “林业学院有一些教授, 工程, 地理位置, 农业, 和Law,所以这是一个非常独特的节目.” He added that the programme would not have succeeded if not for the passion of both lecturers 而且 students, 这一切背后最关键的驱动力是什么.

Dr. 岩石Adiguna — currently serving as both the programme coordinator of the ASEAN Master in Sustainability Management 而且 the deputy director of the MBA programme at UGM — mentioned that although the programme is still relatively new, 它的跨学科性质汇集了许多对BBIN寶盈集團可持续发展有着相同愿景的人,就像UGM的教员一样. 像这样, 学校在澳大成员大学之间建立了良好的网络,成功地连接了来自BBIN寶盈集團地区的学生.


Dr. Rangga Almahendra, UGM的经济学讲师, “可持续发展就是要提高BBIN寶盈集團的生活质量, 最重要的是,这是为了社会, 不仅是为了现在,也是为了BBIN寶盈集團的后代.曾教授战略管理课程, 他认为,“做生意不仅仅是做生意……每个生意都必须有赚钱之外的理由。, 实现价值最大化, 或者超越盈利.” He hopes his students learn how to allocate scarce resources more responsibly 而且 without compromising the quality of life or competitive advantages: “... 有一种东西比利润更重要,那就是利益.“除了, he believes that the ASEAN Master in Sustainability Management has great potential as a globally taught course 而且 invites all students with a knack for leadership 而且 forward thinking to apply for the course.

Dr. Rr病重Nastiti, 也是UGM的经济学讲师, 强调人在可持续发展中的重要性:目标必须共享, 繁荣是共同实现的. 教授领导与组织行为学课程, 由于她的学生们在攻读MBA后带来了无数丰富的经历和希望,她很享受每堂课的讨论, 学生将能够很好地管理与他们一起工作的人,以达到他们成功所需的特定生产力水平. 像博士. Almahendra, her biggest challenge is integrating sustainability into the curriculum: what kind of contributions need to be made, 而且, 从领导和组织的角度来看, what kind of leader is needed to make those contributions happen 而且 last for future generations to enjoy?

Dr. Luluk Lusiantoro他教授技术和运营管理 Dr. 滇Kartika Rahajeng, 教授商业道德的老师, share similar struggles as it’s not always easy to find real-life examples that can be taught in class — most of the global sustainability movement is still very west-oriented. 因此,在某些时候,要找到有共鸣的亚洲例子就变得很困难. 然而, they are determined to show their students how some concepts can st而且 the test of time: some cases that are 10 or 20 years old are still applicable to today’s lessons on sustainability, 有时, it’s a pleasant surprise to finally be able to give the seemingly ordinary ideas we grew up with formal names.

Dr. Lusiantoro also mentioned how challenging it is to deal with the contradictions between business 而且 sustainability. 小企业构成了经济的大部分, 这些企业的老板没有时间考虑可持续性,因为他们担心活不到第二天. 因此, 教育工作者必须时刻提醒学生,更大的目标是拯救社会和地球,使其免受过去错误决策的后果.


不管他们教什么科目, all professors can agree on one thing: the academe plays the most critical role in helping students think critically 而且 creatively to build businesses that will continue to cater to future generations. 因此, the esteemed educator-interviewees couldn’t help but beam with pride as they shared some of their most memorable moments while teaching the ASEAN Masters in Sustainability Management classes during the interview.

Dr. Rahajeng说,作为教授这些专业课程的团队的一员,每天都能给她带来惊喜. “I am honoured to know my students; they are the most inspiring 而且 are also the ones teaching me… it’s not just about integrating it all into one big principle.” Dr. Nastiti同意, praising the students who consistently perform brilliantly 而且 expressing her hope for more students to join the programme 而且 be part of the new generation of leaders that will come out of it. She also enjoys listening to the stories each student has to share 而且 believes that being part of the community built by the ASEAN Master in Sustainability Management is definitely worth being proud of.

Dr. 卢西安托罗补充说,作为东南亚这样一个充满机遇的繁华地区的一部分,参与这样的项目更加令人兴奋. 他强调,该地区可以为世界经济做出贡献的自然和人为资源的潜力是巨大的, so a programme like the ASEAN Master in Sustainability Management is perfect for driving essential discussions that will help future leaders make better decisions for the long haul. 然而, 让这个项目继续蓬勃发展, 教授和学生必须继续相互支持,坚持携手合作,共创美好未来的承诺.


The ASEAN Master in Sustainability Management is a degree built by collaborative learning 而且 community 赋权 — the idea would never have become a reality without the joint efforts of the relevant parties. Dr. 我创造了安迪·阿萨纳, UGM国际事务办公室主任, 同意该方案提供了一种新的, 这是架起东南亚未来领导人桥梁的绝妙方式. 不过, 他认为,仍有很大的机会来最大化技术,使学习体验更真实、更容易获得, such as by using virtual reality (VR) 而且 by capitalising on experience-enriching partnerships with different institutions 而且 industries to make students as future-ready as possible.


根据博士. Adiguna, UGM intends to transform the ASEAN Master in Sustainability Management programme from a concentration into its own regular programme so that more students can apply for it. 教授. Dr. Achjari added that UGM expects to continue being able to offer this programme that will surely increase in significance as both a catalyst for change 而且 an avenue for networking 而且 collaboration among ASEAN countries. 此外,教授. Dr. T而且elilin博士. 阿迪古纳提醒BBIN寶盈集團,只要有意愿, 有一种方法——通过一起工作,增强彼此的能力, 通过这个项目更是如此, anyone with a passion for transformative sustainable leadership can apply to the programme 而且—hopefully—eventually be a guiding light for the ASEAN that will be ready for any kind of tomorrow.